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Haleakala Downhill Bike Tour

xplore the beauty of Maui through an unforgettable biking adventure with the premier Haleakalā downhill bike tour company! As the exclusive bike tour operator boasting both USA Cycling and BICP Bike instructor certifications, safety is our top priority. Revel in an exhilarating and scenic self-guided journey using our specially crafted downhill bikes and top-notch gear. With over two decades of expertise, we’ve meticulously honed our distinctive downhill tour itinerary to showcase the finest elements of the descent.


With over two decades of experience in facilitating Haleakalā downhill bike tours on Maui, we’ve perfected our unique itinerary to deliver what we proudly offer today.

Begin your adventure by meeting us at our Bike Shop at 8:45 am, conveniently located on Maui’s North Shore in the charming surf town of Paia. Our mid-morning start allows you to indulge in a bit of extra relaxation on your vacation. Plus, it ensures you experience our Bike Tour during the quieter hours when the Haleakalā Sunrise traffic and local commuters have already passed through. Upcountry temperatures are more pleasant, and you’ll find that stores and restaurants along the bike route are likely to be open. Best of all, you can enjoy all of this while saving up to $125 per person compared to a Sunrise Haleakalā bike tour!

Upon your arrival at our bike shop, we provide you with essential gear, including a helmet, rain/wind jacket & pants, gloves, backpack, bike lock, and a map. After a comprehensive safety briefing, embark on a guided van tour that will take you up Haleakalā, following the same route you’ll later traverse on your bike ride down. Your knowledgeable guide will share local history, point out interesting landmarks, and offer recommendations for must-visit spots (and delicious dining options) along your ride.

Our self-guided Maui Haleakalā bike tour kicks off at the 6,500 ft staging area, which is the starting point for all Haleakalā downhill bike tour operators on Maui. Please note that no bike tour operator is permitted to operate within the Haleakalā National Park.

At your own comfortable pace, begin your journey by coasting down a breathtaking 6.5-mile stretch of road that winds through expansive upcountry ranch land. Marvel at the captivating vistas of central Maui, the majestic West Maui mountains, and the enchanting surrounding islands. Following this scenic ride, take a short van shuttle to bypass the busiest section of the Haleakalā highway.

As Maui has evolved since the inception of these tours in 1983, the increase in upcountry residents has affected the safety of riders through a highway section lacking adequate shoulder space due to erosion, with vehicles reaching speeds of 40+ mph. To enhance safety, the County of Maui has enacted a new law regulating ALL commercial bicycle tour operators on Maui, which removes this particular section from all operators’ routes. This ensures a safer route for all cyclists.

Upon bypassing this section via the shuttle, the second part of your bike ride allows you to hop back on your bikes and pedal into the charming Paniolo town of Makawao. Take your time exploring all that Makawao has to offer, from delightful dining options to captivating art galleries, unique boutique shops, and well-stocked general stores. When you’re ready, saddle up for a final 7-mile bike ride, returning to our Paia shop by 1 pm. This timing ensures you avoid local school traffic and enjoy the original Haleakalā descent, retracing your path to the starting point. This route follows the original Haleakalā downhill course, and we’re delighted to see that our guests have thoroughly enjoyed it, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

To ensure your safety and convenience, we provide a support sweep van that follows all bikers, offering roadside assistance for all our Maui bike tours. Our dedicated team is always close by, either in the van or within the town of Makawao, ready to assist you whenever needed.


• Mountain Bike w/ disc brakes
• Full-Face Helmet
• Wind/Rain Jacket & Pants
• Bike Gloves
• Backpack
• Bike Lock
• Route Map
• Guided drive up
• Roadside assistance


This bike ride is tailored for intermediate to expert riders. Participants should have a high level of comfort riding alongside vehicular traffic, as the majority of the route lacks dedicated bike lanes or shoulders. Riders can expect to reach speeds of 25-30mph while descending, navigating an average gradient of 5-6% with challenging switchbacks and winding roads.

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